Is Literactivity a publisher or a producer?
Literactivity is an interactive publishing studio – a new type of company for a new era.  We are not a traditional publisher, we don’t print on paper, nor are we a movie studio.  We are somewhere in between.  We marry technology, literature,  and creativity to bring you something completely different from traditional books.

I have a creative work. Are you available to do outside work?
Yes, yes, and more yes.  We are a studio. We are happy to review your work.  If you’re interested, please email

Do you only do books that already exist?
We can make ‘literactive’ art out of any concepts or ideas.  Movies, short stories, novels, science facts, children’s books, poems, we can do it all.

What platforms do you publish to?
iPad, Kindle Fire, iBooks, and regular eBooks.